In 1995, following the collapse of Cavell Records, the band recorded their second album Knock! Knock! funded jointly by then management company, Freeway Music, and one very generous bass player. While waiting for the outcome of the Cavell saga, they wrote over 40 songs, from the familiar sixties-tinged Come On and Overstayed My Welcome to the ageing boy band offering Strongman. But somewhere in between are the Taylor-penned classics She’s With Me, Time Of Our Lives and Endless Daze. If you look past the somewhat lightweight production and 90s drum programming, you’ll find the album contains some good stuff.

Darren left the band shortly before recording commenced and Kev, Jon and Mark were joined on the album by Vince Hurley on keys, Martin Rice on lead guitar and Mark Kelser on backing vocals. Shortly after, Vince was abducted by Scientologists and today plays all over the world with Ron Hubbard and Tom Cruise’s favourite band, the Jive Aces.

An extra track It Could Have Been Me, a cover of a song by Japanese band, Spitz, was featured on the Japanese release. Despite the fact that Kev hated the song with a vengeance, it became the band’s 4th Japanese chart single in 1996.

The band returned to Japan the same year to promote the album in extremely fetching odd-legged trousers.