It all began in 1989. Kevin Taylor and Mark Sellar were thrashing through a couple of old Beatles tunes in an old nursery building in Lordswood. A guy heard the racket and realised that there was no bass. His name was Neil Blinkho. He walked over to his house, came back with his instrument and Ouch! was born.


When the end came, in 2000, it was in the most dramatic of circumstances. On the day of the single launch at The Garage in Highbury, Kev went awol, and when he finally arrived, well after the band had been scheduled to appear on stage, he said he was unable to sing. Darren did his best to deputise but it was all too much for Jon, who had a very public meltdown over the mic. With the audience agog at the spectacle and the fat lady warming up, Ouch! launched into the last song they ever played as a full ensemble. Inexplicably, Kev sang Draggin’ Me Down as if nothing was wrong, before walking off stage with his guitar, out of the door and back down the M2 to where it all began!


If you want to read about all the triumphant and tragic events that occurred in the intervening 11 years, then brace yourself and read more.